What is your Purpose in life?

Is waking up in the morning, having a cup of coffee, leaving for work and soon after returning home the legacy you want to leave behind? Is that what you were put on this earth for? Is that what God intended for you?

No matter who you are and what you think… the answer is NO.

In order for you to find out what your purpose in life is, you need to discover your inner self first. Inner self meaning, your true desires and diving deeper into the essences of your soul.

Finding your purpose in life is considered overrated, and by all means, yes, it is hard for one to dig deeper and find out what they are truly here for. However, your purpose doesn’t entail you to bring upon world peace or put a stop to terrorism, finding your purpose means finding your talent, finding out what you can do to make a difference or to help people. Making a difference doesn’t regard the entire world, it requires one person.

I was approached by a young woman recently, which was sick, who believed that her time here on Earth was over. She solemnly decided for herself that this was it. So she started giving me her banking details and all her important numbers and documents. I was utterly uninterested by a word that this woman was saying. everything that came out of her mouth was ignored. When she was finally done speaking, I turned to her and asked, “Have you found your purpose in life yet?” she looked at me with a confused face and said “no, why?” I then responded and said, “then it isn’t your time to leave yet” and it was in that moment where i was so disgusted and disappointed by the fact that people believe that they are only here to occupy space.

My belief is that God put us all here for a reason. He wouldn’t have created so many of us if he didn’t need us. think about it. Doctors have a purpose, but why does he still manufacture other students into becoming doctors? He doesn’t need them.

So, instead of joining in on this mediocre way of living, get out there and find your purpose. trust me, its worth it.


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